Service and repair


We are highly specialized in repair, maintenance, and major overhaul on diesel engines


We carry out various tasks within gear inspection, maintenance, and repair

Years of professional experience
and good employees

Professionalism, quality and flexibility

We are highly specialized in repair of reduction gear, major overhaul on diesel engines and maintenance of all other mechanical marine equipment.

Weesgaard Mechanical Support services customers within the maritime sector. At Weesgaard Mechanical Support the customer is put first and professionalism, quality and flexibility are key values. The employees at Weesgaard Mechanical Support have many years of experience from the maritime business and the company offers service, maintenance and repair of:

Gear • Engines • Mechanical equipment


24/7 service

Weesgaard Mechanical Support has 24/7 service and carries out the assignments, where the customers wish, whether it is in port, in a shipyard or during sailing around the world. Furthermore the company has a well-equipped workshop in Hirtshals, which makes it possible to overhaul parts and equipment in different sizes for our customer